Antony Gormley : Test Sites


The sculptor Antony Gormley is one of the most celebrated artists of modern times and has been questioning the way in which homo sapiens define their space within the infinite flux of the world for over 25 years. In Test Sites, his latest show at White Cube, he juxtaposes rusting geometric takes on his infamous human casts in the upstairs gallery with the immersive, three-dimensional fluorescent grid he has created downstairs (Breathing Room III). Lost among the glowing architecture in the almost pitch-black darkness of the downstairs installation (an environment erratically punctuated by bursts of intense white light that make you feel as though you are being scrutinised by a malevolent omniscient entity), I asked the artist whether all creative enterprise was still ultimately concerned with exploring our relationship to death: that mysterious state of non-being Shakespeare coined as the undiscovered country… Read more via Dazed Digital.

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