Daily Delight: It’s Fashion Mate!

Original article via Dazed Image Gallery.

“Bruno Benini was born in Italy but migrated to Australia with his parents in 1935, and is considered as one of the most iconic fashion photographers of the mid-20th century in the land down under. Young Benini actually decided to dedicate himself to photography after he visited Italy in the late 1940s and, upon his return to Australia, he joined Peter Fox studios, occasionally working as a model for Helmut Newton, Athol Shmith and Henry Talbot. While the style of his first images, featuring glamorous models wearing beautiful haute couture gowns, calls to mind early shots by Pasquale De Antonis, as the years passed and Benini travelled to New York, London and Italy, his style changed and he began chronicling the mod years, hippy trends and the disco scene. Together with his wife, fashion publicist Hazel, Benini put together an archive that became of vital importance since it follows the developments of the Australian fashion scene, but also indirectly touched upon historical events such as the role of Melbourne’s Jewish diaspora’s in the production, design, manufacture and retailing of post-WWII Australian fashion.

The archive was acquired by the Powerhouse Museum that is presenting a major survey of Benini’s works at the exhibition “Creating the Look: Benini and Fashion Photography”, opening during the Sydney Design Festival. The event features 400 images by Benini, including Jean-Francois Lanzarone’s digital gallery which projects images and details of the photographs into mirrors, and is accompanied by a carefully researched music and voice soundtrack that includes feedback by Bruno, Hazel and Benini’s models.”

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