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Daily Delight: Watch That Man


Brian Duffy, along with David Bailey and Terence Donovan, helped shape the 60s photographically. So much so, in 1962, the English Sunday Times dubbed them the ‘Terrible Trio.’ Photographer Norman Parkinson called them the ‘Black Trinity,’ after their dominant black and white style which appeared almost everywhere, from Vogue to Town to French Elle and Glamour magazine. Duffy’s extensive archive is now published online and goes into great detail covering almost everything he ever shot. Perhaps his most well known image was the ground breaking cover he photographed for David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane. Originally shot in black and white and then colorized, the cover has inspired generation after generation and has influenced everyone from 70s punk to Lady Gaga.


Daily Delight: Tweet Tweet


Photographer Andrew Zuckerman has a thing for birds. Recently he flew (well drove actually) to the National Aviary and photographed some of their finest specimens for his book Bird. Show-Off Gallery also recently published a selection online including a behind the scenes video.