Dollar ReDe$ign Competition: 2010


We are pleased to announce the launch of our 2nd Annual Dollar ReDe$ign Competition (2010) as part of our ongoing Dollar rebranding initiative and in response to the pathetic failure of the bureaucrats in Washington to think for one second outside of their box.

Just a year ago we threw down the challenge for the first time and asked you to submit your ideas for rebranding the battered US Dollar. But despite the many really great ideas and numerous submissions we received, nothing has changed.

Limply, in response to our plea, the President said ‘health-care’ was his main priority when we wrote to him in May, 2009. So now that’s ‘in the bag’ (LOL), we think the time is ripe to turn our attention again to the what is probably the most important issue we face today … rebranding the mighty US Dollar and saving our failed global economy.


So here’s the deal. It’s been over 100 years since the American Dollar was conceived and ‘designed.’ And since its inception the bills have gone through minor modifications, mostly satisfying the Fed’s paranoid security concerns. But the Treasury’s continual patchwork of quick-fix solutions has left us with a piece of paper resembling – at best – a sow’s ear.

More significantly, our reputation has also been tarnished. Every major power has rattled their sabers in defiant dissatisfaction at America’s hard nosed arrogance over fiscal policy and continuing bank failures – consequently the great American dream has been tarnished and needs to be revived.


We have to take matters into our own hands as it’s clear the government and most certainly the banks are not there to help us – why would they when they’re too busy helping themselves!

Yes, artists of the world, it’s time we unite, it’s time to take up your arms and declare your dissatisfaction and show your support for this very important cause. It’s one that will unite us all, one that is a means to an end for each and every one of us, and one that can only be by the People, for the People. Period.


Bigger is Better: At the end of the day, we’d really like to show the world all the ideas you come up with in a really big way. Sure that’s the beauty of the internet – build a site and they will come (in theory), but we’d like to go more street level this time and stage an exhibition too, publish a book of everyone’s submissions, award an additional special prize and in general just make some seriously major noise …

Money, Money, Money: But we need money to do that. And resources too. So if you’re interested in making a donation of as little as $1 towards helping us stage such an event, then follow this link to learn more. Think of of it like giving back to the community, sharing the love, helping yourself get back what’s yours – we promise, if you give, you shall receive.


Brief: Simply redesign the US Dollar bill in any way you think appropriate and submit to us via email at for review.

Keep in mind that first and foremost this a branding project so that means we are looking for ideas that define or redefine what America stands for. And we want to see how you would best represent that, visually, through the redesign of the US currency.

We are also looking for ideas on ways to improve counterfeiting concerns, long term, as well as ways to differentiate the various denominations for the visually impaired – either through the use of varying colors, differentiating sizes, use of textures, braille and so on.

Guidelines: For instance your ideas could be based around themes such as national icons, heroes, symbols, monuments, landscape, architecture, people, the meaning of money, political issues, the constitution for instance, the future of money even – be that physical, virtual or digital.

But really we’re just looking for really great ideas. So don’t get bogged down in hypothetical technicalities, or trying to truly answer the ‘brief’ because ultimately a great idea is a great idea and anything is possible if we want to make it happen.


1st Prize: $500 Cash + a Dollar ReDe$ign t-shirt.
2nd + 3rd Place Runners Up: $100 Cash each + a Dollar ReDe$ign t-shirt.
All submissions will be posted online.


Where to Submit: email your ideas to
Closing date for submissions: July 4th, 2010
Technical Stuff: all submissions should be single jpgs of each denomination, each 72dpi and 600px wide max, please.
Rules and Regulations: Please also include a 50 word explanation of your inspiration and design rationale, as well as a brief one line bio specifying your name, geographic location, and your current occupation. Please note that we have the right to veto any work submitted. And all proposals are submitted at the author’s own risk.
Legal: Absolutely none of the work submitted can be used as legal tender. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow. All copyright remains the property of those submitting their proposals, ie the ‘author’, and all proposals are submitted at the author’s own risk. Plus all work must belong to you, the author.
Bookmark and Share: You can follow the progress of this project right here so make sure you bookmark this site – please also share this blog with your friends and follow us on Twitter, and please, also sign our petition.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing your ideas.

Make a Donation View Recent Submissions
See Last Year’s Winners Read More About the Project


  1. Richard Smith,

    Fiding your Re$Design of of all our paper money horriably discusting. Leave it as is. Does not need to be Re$Design.

  2. Richard, leave this project. It will ruin your career. The refit to make these new bills will be very costly and the American people is not ready for a dramatic change. We don’t need this change at this time. And who ever hired you should be fired.

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