Let The House of Love Shine On


Before Oasis and the onslaught of ‘Brit-Pop’ there was a band from South London called The House of Love. Led by Guy Chadwick, the band shot to initial fame with a few early singles, notably ‘Shine On.’ They were originally signed to Alan McGee’s Creation Records at a time when Noel Gallagher and crew were still in diapers.

Photo Suzie Gibbons

However, the success of their early work led to them being signed by Fontana, part of Polydor, Polygram etc. The band’s second album, simply titled ‘The House of Love,’ but also known as the Butterfly album (coincidently photographed by Trevor Key), was their first Fontana release, and included two more ‘hits’: ‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’ and ‘The Beatles and the Stones.’

During the early 90s I had the honor or working with the band on several singles and one album, ‘Babe Rainbow.’ The cover was shot by Guy’s girlfriend Suzie Gibbons, and was photographed at Pete Townsend’s recording studio in Twickenham. The album’s title came from the painting in the background by Peter Blake.

In retrospect, looking back on the work I produced it seems like an odd creative strategy for a band mostly obsessed with the 60s. Apart from ‘Babe Rainbow,’ most of the other covers we produced, such as the cover for ‘Crush Me’ for instance (see below) seems more appropriate for an electronic dance band. Then again, Chadwick came to us via his love of Depeche Mode, which in hindsight somehow now makes sense. Like they say hindsight is 20/20.


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