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A Chance to Dream



In addition to all the wonderful bloggers of every size, shape and color, from here to Katmandu, continually talking and blogging about the Dollar ReDe$ign Project, we’ve also had considerable attention from more mainstream media from all over the world.


Most notably the New York Times included our project in a story about a proposed Design Policy for the United States by Allison Arieff. The Canadian ‘Journal of the Mental Environment’ – AdBusters – also included the Dollar ReDe$ign Project in its ‘Thought Control in Economics’ issue #85. Not to be outdone, Italy’s national newspaper Repubblica included a small story about our project in its weekly Sunday magazine called ‘D.’ But perhaps the most serious and continuous interest has come from Germany including a full-page article online, and in print, in the German Financial Times (FTD). N-TV, Germany’s ‘CNN,’ also filmed an indepth segment at our campaign headquarters in New York for their financial news network to be broadcast next month.


English contemporary art magazine, Frieze, ran a story online titled ‘The Buck Stops Here,’ by Jennifer Kabat. And Pentagram partner and American design legend, Michael Bierut, also mentioned us in his Atlantic magazine article about how to fix the world, saying that ‘the time is right for the notion that economic change can start at the grass roots.’ Social media maestro Stowe Boyd also talked with our campaign president, Richard Smith (via Skype), on his blog /Message.


Other mentions include an article online by Camilla Mastellari for TGCOM, plus of course there was our famous Fox News interview. The Wall Street Journal, who were the first ones to ‘support’ our cause, very early on recognized the need to redesign the Dollar bill as a way forward: ‘lets … help kick-start the US economy with a thorough in-depth re-branding scheme starting with the redesign of the US Dollar.’ But perhaps the biggest interest came from Russia’s, the Russian equivalent of Yahoo, who posted our breaking story on the front page of their site driving over 50,000 visitors in a matter of hours.

It’s interesting too how our story has crossed every industry and every ‘life-stlye,’ including a front page mention on, as well as numerous mentions by various beauty and fashion blogs. We’ve also attracted attention from many hacker ‘community’ sites too. And we’ve also had people in Thailand emailing some of our submissions to friends and co-workers because they had heard the US was redesigning its currency and the images they attached were ‘a few samples of what was being proposed’! It’s fascinating, but obvious at the same time that the idea of saving our economy is of interest to everyone, regardless of politics, social interest, and cultural background.

Money, clearly, makes the world (and more) go round. Clearly, money IS the bottom line for everyone. Clearly we ARE on to something: ‘People of America,’ slowly but surely, ‘Change is on its way …’


Fox News says … ‘It’s the Latest Internet Craze’

Watch Richard Smith talk turkey with Fox News about ‘the latest internet craze’, the Dollar ReDe$ign Project.

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