The 24th Envelope


Timothy O’Donnell at one time was a member of Vaughn Oliver’s prolific studio, V23. These days O’Donnell is design director at Johnson and Johnson in New York. Last May he published his first book titled “Sketchbook,” which offers an insight into the “thought processes, preoccupations, and problem-solving strategies” of designers including former V23 colleague Chris Bigg, Rian Hughes, Stephen Doyle and Stylorouge. O’Donnell’s personal work is both extremely considered and wonderfully magical and should be seen as inspiration for all. We look forward to seeing some of this magic bubbling to the surface over at J&J soon.

via Timothy O’Donnell

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  1. I could loose myself in that British Sea Power poster. Dag. And I’d buy shampoo that looked like that Dive Index album. Or drugs, or a Bible, whatever. Beautiful stuff. Thanks for showing this! Tim rules.

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