Sorry, Can You ReTweet That?


‘I know it’s probably a little late in the day, but I have to say, I love Twitter. I think I’m even starting to love Twitter more than my morning coffee. I think I even love Twitter more than bagels with cream cheese! I even love Twitter more than ice-cream – and that’s saying something!

But seriously the phenomenon that is Twitter, for me at least, is quite surreal. Who knew I’d be up all night wondering who Tweeted what, and to whom. It’s like a communal conversation that never stops and is so ‘of the moment’ it’s ridiculous. I’m also learning shit about stuff I had no clue even existed. I’m also seeing things even ‘Rutger Hauer’ would ‘never believe’. And, I’m making ‘friends’ with people who I’ve never even met – and some of them are quite famous – allegedly.


The real beauty of Twitter is that it has completely levelled the playing field. It’s given everyone an ‘access-all-areas’ pass to virtually every human being on the planet – and they all feel so close to home, it’s quite touching. What’s also beautiful about Twitter is that you can go on about stuff as if the whole world is listening – even though probably 99% of the people listening couldn’t give a … It’s also an opportunity for everyone to have a voice and be heard, be it in beautiful digital silence. Twitter is also beautfully democratic. In a very unpolitical way. The opinions are ‘genuine’ and the information is media free. There are no banner ads. There are no pop up windows. There are no conglomerates ramming crap down your throat or filtering your thoughts. There is no aesthetic, other than your own, and there is no agenda. You can also switch on (follow) and turn off (block) at your leisure. Anyway, I think you get the idea …

Ultimately, Twitter, I believe, is a beautiful opportunity for us all to take a moment to step away from the norm and have a chance at shaking down the fundamental foundations of mainstream media, corporate governance and even government intervention too – yes, it’s a beautiful opportunity, filled with potential, which I hope never sinks or dies, just keeps on floating by. Float-on Twtter, Float-on. (oh and it’s not Facebook!)’

Image: Flickr

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  1. you could try and get out more; you don’t actually have to but thinking about the sun and the sea is a start and it mind help you keep from wondering who’s written what… why not go for a walk and introduce yourself to someone new and see about making a friend that way. actually that probably wouldn’t work as most people are busy in doors updating the social site of their choice…

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