Oh Yoko!



Imagine Peace Tower, dawn, March 28, 2009, Reykjavik, Iceland.

‘Yesterday evening (March 28), as I sat in my apartment in New York, I waited in anticipation as the clock slowly approached 8.30pm. Earth Hour would soon be upon us – at least for everyone on the east coast of the United States. In my mind I imagined the city rapidly turning black as each and every one of us switched off our lights. It also crossed my mind that once the hour was up and everyone flicked their switches back, the national grid system would come to a grinding halt and the country would be thrown into total chaos – imagine! But alas nothing really happened, the Empire State building went out – party! – maybe a few extra lights were out more than usual, but that could have just been my imagination. And despite the minute by minute count down on Twitter, New York – at least from where I sat (lay) – looked pretty much the same. In principle the idea was worthy, the possibility that hundreds and thousands of Americans might take an hour away from the television also seemed appealing – imagine how many dollars the networks would have lost, that in itself would have been a worthy cause. But judging by the lack-luster morning after Tweets, it seems the foreplay was more rewarding than the climax. Imagine!’

Image: Yoko Ono, Flickr

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