One In A Hundred


Marui Co., one of Japan’s leading department stores, commissioned over a thousand designers and artists from all over the world to submit designs for a limited edition Epos Visa credit card. Richard Smith, creative director of New York consultancy The Extent or Measure of a Surface Inc., was one of the final hundred designers whose work was chosen. 


Smith says his design (shown above), which he titled ‘You Can Lead A Horse To Water But You Can’t Make It Drink’, was inspired by the work of artist Sol LeWitt: ‘I wanted to create something visually meaningless which at the same time looked great in your wallet.’ 


Several designs were submitted ranging from the mundane to the obscure, here are just a few of the ideas that didn’t get selected. 


Smith says ‘our inspiration came from what we found around us: one of my tattoos, the contents of someone’s bag, a neon art-piece produced as a valentines gift as well as simple graphics that just looked great on a credit card.’


In New York the project was coordinated by the Gravure Projects, for more information go to 100 Design Cards.

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